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This story begins around 2001, when someone gave me some negatives on glass plate, and some original prints, dating from around al1950.

These documents represent the bandit Salvatore Giuliano in personal photographs, he is represented while celebrating his birthday with friends and the aunt.

Salvatore Giuliano was born in 1922 in Montelepre, near Palermo, and disappeared (died?) in july 1950 in Castelvetrano, a village in the province of Trapani, where the body of the bandit was found riddled with gunshot.

Salvatore Giuliano becomes "bandit" for smuggling of wheat during the war, and for a first murder in 1943, his subsequent actions must however be seen in a context much more complex than simple banditry and brigandage common at the time, in the delicate situation Italian post-War World.

Salvatore "Turi" Giuliano becomes a sort of "public enemy number one" of Italy, and at the same time becomes a reference for all the Sicilian separatist movement. For a time his actions were of great political cover by the movement to the independent Sicily, and he got well and was able to handle a large media feedback.

In particular, in 1946, upon the recognition of the region as an independent Sicily, Salvatore Giuliano reached the peak of popularity in a contest that saw him - almost mythical character - as a kind of "Robin Hood" of the Sicilian people.

Its image, or rather, its many different photographs were everywhere, and he accepted with good grace - in proper circumstances - the presence of reporters and photographers when they sought him, or when he tried them himself.

There is also to say that Salvatore Giuliano was reasonably smart, nice, and certainly photogenic.

People loved Salvatore Giuliano, and he became a sort of icon that lasts over time - so much so that even now-hard. The numerous films, documentaries, books that have been made ​​in the last fifty years, testify to the interest around this personality.

As far as I'm concerned, I had the chance - or luck - to have some of his private images, some more interesting than others, and then I was able to document myself about it, and follow their stories.

From these, and other stories born:


The title back to the case of Salvatore Giuliano with everything that gravitated around at the time and even now, configurable, precisely as a project.

The Bandit Giuliano was in fact a political project, as well as communication with which adverse political parties exercising their power around Italy.

© Pier Paolo Raffa 2011

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